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Messianic Congregation in Charlotte NC

Nov 30

A messianic congregation in Charlotte NC is a congregation that invites both Jews and Gentiles into an atmosphere of worship of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua.  A messianic congregation celebrates the Feasts of the Lord and sometimes holds traditional liturgy. However, members are not required to practice Jewish practices and follow a strict interpretation of the bible. Instead, they are expected to practice their Christian beliefs. Some of their programs and traditions are Christian, while others are more Hebrew derived, or Jewish.

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Founded in Truth fellowship in Charlotte NC is one of many messianic congregations in the area. It is a Torah-observant congregation, focusing on Prophets and New Testament, which it calls the Brit Hadasha. The pastor of the church is Matthew Vander Els and his commitment to teaching Yeshua first as the priority of his congregation is apparent. Founded in Truth Fellowship is overseen by a community pastoral leadership made up of multiple pastors as well as a diverse leadership that leads each ministry within the community. The mission of FIT is the following: Founded In Truth will empower with the knowledge of the Gospel, offer the discipleship in Torah, and demonstrate the humbling Walk of Yeshua to the world around us.

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The community's mission is to spread the good news of the Messiah. As a result, it offers a platform for local Jewish groups to spread the message of the gospel and to engage in a dialogue with those who hold different viewpoints. The church also provides an opportunity to build relationships with its members. Moreover, its members are committed to working together to further the work of advancing the Gospel. The congregation is a vital part of the Charlotte community, so the members should be actively involved.

If you are seeking a messianic congregation that meets on the Sabbath as well as celebrates the Biblical feast days found in Leviticus 23 such as Passover, Shavuot, and Feast of Tabernacles, Founded in Truth Fellowship may be the congregation for you and your family. Roughly half of their entire fellowship is under the age of 12, so families are welcomed! They have a robust children's program each week as well as an online weekly ZOOM class for children and pre-teens that anyone is invited to join. The teaching style focuses on the applicability of scripture, but also Pastor Matthew Vander Els brings a scholarly background into his sermons for context and depth of the Bible. They also have a weekly livestream every Saturday at 11:00 am EST as well as all of their teachings and sermons are recorded there as well. Check out their Messianic YouTube Channel

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We highly recommend this Messianic Congregation in Charlotte if you are looking for a family-friendly congregation that is focused on Yeshua as well as the Torah in the Hebrew Bible. Our experience was most pleasant when we went to visit and we will no doubt be back!