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How to pick the perfect location for family portraits

Jan 30


The next step is choosing the best setting. Puretouch Photography photographs all sessions outdoors with natural light (except for newborn sessions) as it best suits the style we prefer to shoot. It lets the children run around and really be their typical, rumbustious, silly personas .... and parents too!

We'll ask questions about your family, you, your life, the things you love about your family, and what you would prefer to see from the products. Then we'll help you choose the best location.


Our most loved locations have been selected as locations where we can make a private space for your family that offers stunning lighting, a wide range of gorgeous backdrops, and, most importantly, protection from wind or bright sun. For this reason, we find that large areas of forest reserves as well as beaches, parks, and reserves are best since there's plenty of room for movement.


First, pick a type.

1. Bush setting

This is our most sought-after choice. If your family is keen to camp or hike, take walks, or simply go out into nature We know a great bushland reserve in the vicinity that has plenty of wonderful photo spots. You won't meet any other people around, making it easier to just be you and enjoy a relaxing time in the wilderness.


2. Park

Think of the lawns, flower gardens, and rows upon rows of trees. If your kids enjoy running around and playing on the lawn then the park is perfect for you. We suggest staying away from playgrounds though, as you'll be able to get better pictures when children are focused on having fun together as a family.


3. Beach

Las Vegas has many beautiful beaches. If your family members feel most at home on the beach there is a Las Vegas family photographer who can make your pictures. Because there is often only a little shade, beach photoshoots are best taken in the early morning or late afternoon to get the best of the gorgeous, flattering light.


You can find grasslands near the beach or a dog-friendly one. A pier or box at the beach can add to the excitement.

4. Home

Your home is perfect for newborn photos (with the heating turned up) and is a great wet-weather backup option if the family photography can't be rescheduled - ie. visit family members and celebrate special celebrations. Outdoor sessions are preferred since it's difficult to block out background noises if you don't have a huge garden or house with lots of windows. Sessions at home are perfect for families because the children are comfortable and don't have to worry about the weather.

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