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What shoes to wear with chinos pant

Oct 18

Different types of shoes will give you different looks. Here's a guide to the type of shoe and how it can be used:

* Ballerina Flats – This is probably the most casual type of shoe out of them all. It goes well with any pants and gives off a feminine and laid back vibe - perfect for university campus or for that stroll through the park.

* Boat Shoes – This type of shoe will give you a preppy look and it goes perfect with shorts, chinos pants and jeans. It is best to wear this when on vacation in a tropical island.

* High Heels - These pumps are more appropriate for formal or casual outings. It's great for that night out with friends or dinner date, but obviously not good for wearing to the office.

* Lace-Ups – For any business meetings or lectures, this is probably one of the best shoes to wear because it would make you look more professional. An alternative choice are loafers which are also suitable for formal events.

* Loafers – Loafers are very similar to lace-ups but have lesser formality. It looks good with chinos pants and shorts. If you want a laidback business look, then this is a great choice for you.

* Moccasins – This type of shoe gives off a rustic feel and it goes well with denims, chinos pants and even shorts. It's perfect for a hike or camping under the stars.

* Oxfords – This one is best worn if you are wearing formal business attire. It gives you a smart look which is great for meeting your clients during lunch time.

* Sneakers – This one is probably the easiest type of shoes to wear. It goes well with almost anything - shorts, jeans, pants or even t-shirts.

* Sandals – If you are headed for a tropical island getaway, this is an excellent choice because it's light and doesn't take up too much space in your suitcase.